Who Are The Chimpanzees And Why They Are Different From Monkeys?

Who Are The Chimpanzees And Why They Are Different From Monkeys?

Tatiana Kukanova | Chimpanzees are not monkeys. They belong to the group of great apes. Apes and monkeys mostly differ in size and also with the fact that most monkey species have tails while apes don’t have. Since apes are larger than monkeys, they usually have larger brains. Ape species include gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, bonobos, and chimpanzees. They tend to live longer than the usual species of monkeys.

Chimpanzees are native to the continent of Africa. Millions of their population used to live throughout the vast area of Africa from Southern Senegal through Central Africa to Western Tanzania. However, these chimpanzees are now labeled as endangered species according to recent reports. There are estimated to be slightly less than 300,000 chimpanzees alive in Africa. A recent poll from the Ivory Coast published that these great apes number decreased dramatically by 90% in just the past twenty years.

The main reason why their population is declining is that their natural habitat now is slowly turning into a vast space of soon to rise buildings and skyrocketing commercial spaces for tourists. Another two reasons are, hunting and disease. They are being illegally hunted for meat and they are being sold on commercial markets as the meat of the wild animals to tourists and local people in Africa. Something that is so disturbing and needs attention from the wildlife preserve community.

Chimpanzee, like other wild animals, has a hierarchy that they follow in their community. Each community has an alpha male which is the one that they considered as the authoritarian body that they should follow in the group. Their decision on who will be the alpha is gathered based on the females mutual decisions.


Chimps, unlike humans, are considered adults by the age of 15. They usually started to have a baby at the age of 14. The pregnancy lasts for about 8.5 months almost like humans. The baby chimps became independent by the age of 6, but for the first 5 years, they are totally dependable to their mothers. A female chimpanzee will not be fertile again until 5 years of age for the baby chimpanzee when the baby is fully weaned. They have ranged from 4 to 6 children in one lifetime.


Chimpanzees eat both meat and plants. They don’t usually hunt in different areas from time to time but can remember where they can get food from year to year and when a specific fruit that they usually eat is ripe or good to eat. Their diet usually includes a variety of fruit, medicinal plants, leaves, insects, bark, eggs, nuts, and even small animals for meat.

Chimpanzees are no wonder charming and interesting type of animals in the wild. Science says that they are one of the closest living relatives of humans. Why? Because we share at least 1.4% of our DNA with chimps. Yes, our DNA and of the chimpanzees, are almost the same.

Chimpanzees started to go on extinction when around 500 chimpanzees have been brought to live in US research laboratories. Some go into zoos, sanctuaries, and the pet trade.

Chimpanzees and monkeys are different from each other but both of them are going endangered because of humans. Do you think it is still okay?

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