The nature photographer: Important reminders when spending time in nature

Wildlife photographer Tatiana Kukanova believes that there is so much beauty here on Earth that she has made it her solemn goal to take as many photos on the rich and beautiful subject of nature. However, in many of her trips to national parks all around the world, from the U.S. to Africa, she’s seen that many people have no respect for the natural world.

Whether ignorant or merely non-compliant, Tatiana thinks it’s sad how people disregard so many of the rules of national parks which governments try so hard to implement. To help out, Tatiana has come up with a personal project – this particular article – to educate everyone on the finer points and guidelines when spending time in nature.

Don’t leave garbage lying around.

Even presidents of countries know how to throw garbage in their proper receptacles, explains Tatiana Kukanova. Doing so not only tidies up the place, but it also eliminates any threat to the wildlife in the area. Yes, the unconsumed food of people may be dangerous to some forms of wildlife. People should be wary of this fact.

Don’t feed the animals.

In line with the previous item, Tatiana emphasizes the importance of not feeding wildlife – unless sanctioned by the government. She explains that even if governments and park management allow visitors to feed the animals, they have their own food to give.

Always stay on the designated trails.

Tatiana also mentions the extreme significance of staying on designated trails – especially for people who do not go hiking all too often. These trails are there for one very important reason – safety. These paths keep humans from crossing paths with animals that may be dangerous. And parks are massive areas, and these trails keep people from getting lost, adds Tatiana Kukanova.

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6 Rules to Follow When Visiting a National Park

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