Safety reminders when going out for a nature shoot

Tatiana Kukanova is a wildlife photographer who is deeply committed to her passion project. She has traveled everywhere, from South America to Africa to capture many of the beautiful things the natural world has to offer. She is also glad that the presidents and governments of most of the countries in the world have highlighted the need to protect these precious areas of nature.

However, Tatiana cautions everyone, especially newcomers to the photography game, that it shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Before exploring the world and its many rich and beautiful gifts to humanity, budding photographers should at least know the basics of photography and hiking in nature.

On that note, Tatiana Kukanova shares two of the most important safety reminders for new photographers everywhere.

Research on the specific area.

A few minutes of research on a specific area can go a long, long way for a photographer in terms of safety. Are there any dangerous predators in the area? What is the weather like? Have any groups of people experienced accidents on the trails? These are just some of the questions that many new photographers, in their excitement, tend to overlook. In places like the Congo and other African parks, there are militia groups known to kidnap tourists. That’s just an example of the crucial things photographers should be aware of.

Bring proper safety gear.

As essential as camera equipment is to photographers, its importance pales in comparison to proper safety gear. Boots, mosquito repellant, rations, and maybe even a satellite phone are just some of the items Tatiana Kukanova always has with her during her time outdoors. These safety gears trump anything else, just like a person’s safety is more important than taking images. As much as Tatiana loves photography, she mentions that there is no image worth putting one’s well-being at risk.

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