Important gear for all wildlife photographers

As an avid wildlife photographer, Tatiana Kukanova believes that preparation is key for a great shoot. It won’t matter if a photographer goes to some of the richest and most beautiful places of Earth, without the proper gear, one wouldn’t get the most out of their shots.

In line with Tatiana’s new project — a series of blogs that help educate and inform people on all things nature and wildlife photography – here is a short of the vital gear for all wildlife photographers.


It doesn’t matter whether the shoot will be on a farm in Ohio or a national park in Africa; a good, sturdy backpack will go a long way. Tatiana Kukanova mentions that the bag should be big enough for all the gear that needs to be brought.

DSLR camera

The main tool for any serious photographer, the DSLR camera is a must. However, when going on nature shoots, photographers need to have their DSLR cameras weather-sealed.


Having a reliable tripod on hand is a huge plus when going on wildlife shoots. Tripods keep the shots steady and eliminate any blurring from shaking.

Shutter release

The combination of a tripod and a shutter release is great, especially when taking photographs of wildlife from a safe distance. It also ensures that the wildlife won’t be disturbed by any humans lurking nearby.


The rule of thumb here is to bring a telephoto lens with at least a 400mm range. This can capture images from far away and still retain the crisp quality. For this, there’s the Canon 100-400mm and Sigma 150-600mm lenses with quick zoom.

However, Tatiana Kukanova mentions that if a photographer plans to take photos of small animals such as birds and insects, then a 1:1 macro lens is good enough. The Canon 100 f/2.8 macro lens is a great example of this.

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