Best practices for wildlife photography enthusiasts

Wildlife photographer Tatiana Kukanova spends most of her time taking as many photos on the rich and beautiful subject of nature. She fears that there is so much natural beauty on Earth that she may not be able to capture most of it on film in her lifetime. She mentions that her love affair with photography and nature is a passion project which she plans to pursue her entire life.

Tatiana has gone a step further and started a series of blogs to share her experiences in hopes of educating, and maybe even inspiring people to take up the fulfilling hobby of photography and take the most memorable images they can of nature.

For today’s blog, Tatiana Kukanova focuses on some of the best, most fundamental practices that rookie wildlife photographers should take to heart.

Start big.

By this, Tatiana means rookie wildlife photographers should choose bigger subjects. The bigger the animal, the easier it is to capture on film. While insects and small birds are great subjects themselves, they may prove too challenging for newcomers to photography. She notes that people should practice staying at safe distances though, especially in places like Africa, where the big wildlife may prove most fundamental dangerous up close.

Research on the subject’s habits and schedules.

Different animals are active during various times of the day. Before heading out to capture them, photographers should know if these animals will be out in the open or sleeping. Knowing this can save photographers hours. It can also prove to be valuable as far as safety is concerned.

Anticipate movements.

Some animals move faster than others, Tatiana Kukanova explains. This shouldn’t discourage photographers from capturing them on film, though, since an action shot is quite rewarding for a photographer. Photographers need to be one step ahead of the subject and anticipate its movement before shooting.

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