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Tatiana Kukanova’s love for photography was passed on by his mom and dad who both loved it. And even after giving birth to Isabel, she still has this urge to continue what her heart actually desires for a long time. She spent all of her childhood years in the United States taking photos, photos of random scenes and people without having any specific subject in mind.  When she had the time of her life to live alone after her and Isabel’s father divorced, she traveled every 7 continents to take photos of nature, and animals in the wild where she gained more confidence about her work. It’s not because these photos don’t show any human or people in it but because people learned a lot in seeing these photos because of the message in each shot taken.  She is now in Africa building another folder of raw photos of wild animals, the beauty of nature, and the inexplicable amazing stories these photographs had in each shot.

Like any other photographer, Tatiana Kukanova started with nothing but her basic camera without other accessories. But because she is really passionate about what she is actually doing, she saved up for her equipment and later on decided to buy the perfect equipment for what she is doing.

Not only that she is passionate about taking photos, but she also fell in love with nature and how these wild creatures keep the balance of the ecosystem by just merely existing and living their life even there are dangers from predators and other threat like humans. However, as technology and development going on, like what we have mentioned, these creatures are being threatened from existence most of the time. A lot of infrastructure and buildings are being made in the natural habitat of the wild animals that results on them being homeless. Some people might adopt them and put them into zoos, or even as their pet, but it won’t make a difference. It will not save them. Some are also hunting them for the love of getting their fur or illegally trading them with other huge people that might be interested in their meat. And these facts are sadly happening even after taking photos of these creatures.

Some survive, some do not.

It’s Tatiana’s goal while capturing those scenes on the lens of her camera to save them and keep them from any harm brought by humans and the environment that is changing every now and then.

This page is going to discuss everything that made her fall in love with every creature that she encountered while traveling the world to capture their beauty. She will share how she chose the wildlife community as her subject even when she knew that there will be problems like putting her life in danger while taking a picture of a lion, a leopard, or even a tiger and other animals that are not too much familiar with humans. Do you have another suggestion on this page? Let us know by sending us a response on every blog that we will post.