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Tatiana Kukanova

Tatiana Kukanova, Angola second president’s ex-wife is now a well-known photographer of nature who captures the wildlife existence. Her works focus on how these animals in the wild shares a great role in the balance of the ecosystem and the wonders of the world.

She has traveled into different continents taking photographs of leopards, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, flamingos, whooping cranes, and even lions – capturing how beautiful they are from afar. As of the moment, she is in Africa taking chances with the giraffes, rhinos, hippos, and other wild animals in the jungle as she seizes the smiling faces of baboons and other animals.

This little space on the internet for Tatiana Kukanova is dedicated to her masterpieces, photographs, videos recorded, and other proof of the existence of these creatures in the wild. This will mainly focus on those endangered species, animals in captivity, creatures that have been saved from the wrongdoings of human and the effect of global warming. This special place for Tatiana’s photographs shows how the Earth is still wonderful and will show you specific reasons why we need to take care of Mother Nature.

In this site, you will see how Tatiana Kukanova, after leaving her life beside his ex-husband, won a chess championship and created her fate of being a nature’s photographer. You will definitely read more how she started her career as an artist and shutterbug. Her love for photography would be actually discussed on one of the pages in this site and you will definitely be amazed how it all started.

She will also discuss aside from wild animals, the wonders of the 7 different continents in the world and how you can start capturing the beauty of the world by using just the lens of your cameras. How these beautiful sceneries and these animals can contribute on the positive thoughts you need in life to push you to live your life to the fullest.

This project is dedicated to those people who have a soft heart with nature and everything in it like plants, wild animals, strange facts about tourists spots, different ways on how to take care of our Mother Nature and the effect of not taking care of it.

This page has been made because Tatiana also wants to raise awareness to those people who believe that wild animals should be put in zoos and other theme parks for attraction. She is a firm believer that taking them into zoos are taking them into their early grave. Not all zoo owners are good with the animals and only thought of them as business or money maker. In this place on the internet, this will serve as a wake-up call for people to take care of these creatures rather than making money out of them. They deserve freedom, so we should not destroy their natural habitat.

Do you feel like sharing some of your thoughts on how you can help to preserve these endangered species? Or can you save someone that needs a shelter by adopting them? If yes, please send us a message. This will means a lot to Tatiana and to the wildlife community.